Angel Media Private Ltd. Who Established in 2075 B.S. having registered in the Company Registration Office with the mission to support and promote Nepalese Talent arena and multi talent including production, distribution and promotion of their Talent. Our core motto is to serve society and the nation with different types of activities on the field of Talented. We want to bring out Nepali Multi talent person all over the world. Angel media always ready to helps to broadcast them who have talent, like a singing, dancing and other Talent. We have further expanded our activities. We decide to venture in the join different kind of business and established an Online News Portal, which will gain steady popularity in the Nepali online news world.

Nepal History it is first time multi talent one platform, big show where we can watch all kind of talent. We will establish our own recording studio, with the objective of providing a full range of services to the music industry including production of talent videos, advertisements, documentaries and other musical programs for TV Channels. Which has gained tremendous popularity among the viewers and music lovers in Nepal and in the Diaspora, we are also proud to have contributed in the Nepali music and art industry will around many musicians and artists in our company. We are one of the proud members of the Nepal Producers Society. Through our affiliation with the Society, we have tirelessly been working for the benefit of artists and musicians in Nepal and have organized various musical and different talent programs primarily to rise an aid musician’s talent and artists.
Our organization is one of the best of personalized human resource. Compiled with technology solutions, we target to deliver a superlative experience to our valued business partners through our differentiated service to talent and culture and literature. The main objective of our company is to promote Nepali art now we are going to organize the program ‘Nepal Hero of Talent’.

Nepal Hero of Talent Coming Soon In your Home TV